The Silver Lining

by Sarah Deanna

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released November 5, 2015

Producer/Engineer Adam Hofmann



all rights reserved


Sarah Deanna Massachusetts

16 year old Singer/Songwriter from Cape Cod, MA.

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Track Name: Silver Lining
Trapped inside your atmosphere.
Wondering how the hell I got here.
So transparent was your love,
think if you win, that's enough.
If you break apart that day,
would you have the strength to say,
that I was never really on your mind?

What's the use in- why do I keep trying?
The silver lining's no where to be found.
I can't keep prying, no silver lining to be found.
Fool's gold, I won't lose myself looking for you.

You think success is in the numbers.
Or in the hands of your new lover.
If you only knew, how sad and untrue,
I'd try to help but, you're better off gone.

Chorus x1

Ahs x18
You can't see the truth.

There's no use so, I'll stop trying.
I won't keep prying, no silver lining to be found.
Fool's gold, I won't lose myself looking for you.
Looking for you.
Track Name: Without Me There
You've got a lot to say, but you won't open your mouth,
So why am I to blame, when I can't figure you out?
The hours came like tidal waves, why don't you just go now,
so we don't have to keep on messing around.
Watch out the drop is steep, I can't keep you on your feet,
So why am I to blame, when I'm the one who's falling down?
The minutes came with pouring rain, get out get out now.
Cause I have no idea what to say now.

And I think that I'm going insane,
I keep feeding this hurricane.
No x6

You have never loved the other half of me,
Don't deny it, don't deny it dear.
You'll take the blame out on me, you'll let us fall apart,
Cause I'm not worth the smallest compromise.

Chorus x1

But I don't care I'm not sorry for what you've done.
You're breaking out the bullets but I've got the gun
and I invite you to compare life without me there cause
you don't know, you don't know at all.
No you don't know you don't know at all.

Chorus x2
Track Name: Keep on Running
You lost me for good now.
I've been complacent,
now chain's are on the ground.
You never wondered why.
You only asked when.
When would my life start to begin?
When could you leave me behind?

So you can keep on, keep on running.
Because I don't want you to stay.
Just keep on, keep on running away.
And make sure, you'll be gone by today.

You sit on a throne.
Think you're above me.
Well you've got some nerve to think you control me.

Chorus x1

Oh it's the fallout,
take a look at the damage you've done.
Oh it's the fallout,
between you and me babe.

Chorus x1
Track Name: Half-Beating Heart
Take, take all I've offered you.
Take my pulse so you know that my heart's barely beating for you.
Make, make sure you're silent now.
Cause I don't think I can leave when I hear words coming from your mouth.
And all I know is that you seemed,
so sure that you loved me.
How sad do we have to be to quit this game?

Cause I'm not sure what I'm after,
but I'm haunted by your laughter.
And I can feel you're slipping away through a hole,
In my half-beating heart.

Take, take what you're giving out.
Cause I don't want it no more you can go ahead and walk out.
Cause all I know is that you seemed,
so content to lie to me.
How mad do I have to be to quit your game?

Chorus x1


Chorus x1
Track Name: Shattered
You want me to save you, that's something I can't do.
Oh how I adore you but what am I to you?
I have always been a shadow, always been your ghost.
I can't seem to find where I belong.

So where did I go wrong?
I never meant to go ahead and break all you own.
So how are put back together?
I thought for sure that I would find you face down on the floor,

I tried to say I'm sorry,
tried to confess but,
you won't believe me,
you can't see that I'm a mess.
I have never been so confused,
I have never been so bruised,
what happened to being just like you?

Chorus x1

Some things you can't win.

Where did I go wrong?
I never meant to go ahead and break all you own?
So why aren't you put back together?
I never thought that I would find you face down on the floor,

All you need is gravity,
The weight of you right next to me.